Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Craters On The Moon

I find the truest form of love is the one that forgives. Or the one that waits beyond tonight. Or the one that finds all the reasons to love beyond the haze of all the reasons to not. I find life is filled with these intrusions, all types of reasons to stop looking into people. So many reasons to walk away. But is he not the better person, the one who looks further within? Once there is a glimpse of beauty in something, more is to be found. The moon can be considered a rock, but have you seen it shimmer at night. The way it shines.  Just catches my eyes. I bet if I looked at an earthly rock from the same angle the sun shines on the moon my mind would change. My love would shine upon it until only the sparkle of adoration is all I see. I once witnessed a miracle called love, it shined beyond all the faults of human character, it forgave all faults,it waited past this night and the next, it loved beyond the haze, beyond intrusions, it shone beyond the reasons to walk away.


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